Is Rubio’s 21st-Century Answers Too Conservative for GOP?

As we edge closer to the 2016 election, it is exciting to see who will or who will not run. As I reported last week, Romney seems to be contemplating another run. That he is polling out as the forerunner in the GOP gave me a reason for distress. But last night there was the interview on Hannity with Sen. Marco Rubio. The interview gave me a few reasons for encouragement.

Let me say up front that I was very disappointed that Rubio took part in the immigration fiasco last year. I do not agree with all that the man says, but for the conservative Christian, there is much in which to find hope.

Senator Rubio has come out strong on many of the issues of which I am most concerned. He has this statement on his website concerning federal spending:

Furthermore, Senator Rubio will work to reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy, reallocate the bank bailout program funding to cut the debt, end the stimulus program, require new safeguards against raising taxes, automatically sunset government programs and pass a presidential line-item veto. We must also pass a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. In November 2010, Senator Rubio supported several resolutions committing Senate Republicans to passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ending the stimulus program, freezing discretionary spending at 2008 levels and implementing a net federal hiring freeze.

He has stated repeatedly that he wants to repeal Obamacare, and yet take clear, simple, and free-market based ideas to lower healthcare costs. In his words, “allowing individuals to control their own health care choices.”

And in the interview, Senator Rubio made clear the truth about Mr. Clinton and her “20th-Century answers to 21st-Century problems.” This was clearly a shot at Hillary’s failed progressive Ideas. Which, as he pointed out, do not work. This again was refreshing to hear. It is time that we had the conservative call the progressive/socialist out for their wrong thinking.

With all this good news about Senator Marco Rubio, there are two problems that I wish to address shortly.

First, is the fact that he is not likely to win the primary. He is not Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney. Rubio is a poor man’s candidate. He will raise some money, but it is questionable if he can overcome the establishment. This will be his biggest obstacle.

Second, there is the fact that Rubio is too conservative for many and not conservative enough for others. Many want to point to this issue and that issue. The question, which we should be asking, is not whether or not we agree with everything he says, but do we agree enough.

This is what angers me the most about conservatives. They will pick good candidates apart, such as Paul and Rubio. They will say, “he is not strong enough on same-sex unions!” or “He wants to do an amnesty before he fixes the border!” (Insert mocking whiny voice here). But then they will go and support a white, Mormon Obama.

As I have said, I do not agree with everything that Rubio says, but at least he says the same thing every time he speaks on a subject. We do not just need GOP leadership, we need strong and conservative leadership. I hope we have found it in Rubio.