RINO Republican says Rand Paul Can’t Get Elected

Noted RINO David Brooks, who writes for the New York Times and believes himself to be a conservative because he is the most conservative employee at the Grey Lady (a not-too-difficult feat when you consider that most of the employees at the New York Times are uptight Northeastern liberals), had some interesting things to say when he recently appeared on PBS News Hour.

Speaking of Kentucky Senator and most recent addition to the GOP Presidential field, Rand Paul, Brooks was not optimistic with the Senator’s chance at winning the nomination.

The party is less libertarian than it was three years ago, both on domestic and foreign affairs. Second, on a matter of his personality or personal presentation, his whole shtick was authenticity. And an authentic figure cannot be a trimmer. And he’s become — tried to make himself more mainstream and more acceptable to parts of the party, but has chipped away at the edge of authenticity.

So, he’s caught in a tragic bind there. As a libertarian, he can’t get elected. As a trimmer, he’s a trimmer, and he’s stuck there.



I have a hard time buying anything that any RINO says, ever, particularly one who lives in New York City and writes for the New York Times while appearing mostly in PBS’ liberal broadcasts.

However, I do agree that the electorate is less libertarian today than it was a few years ago, and that could present some issues for Rand Paul. I’m not as certain as Brooks, however, that Paul can’t overcome those issues in the debates and in advertising. He has a lot of work to do, but Rand Paul strikes me as the kind of politician and candidate who is ready, willing and able to do the kind of work that becoming President requires.