Reward For Former Gitmo Detainee

We all know what it feels like. We have all been through the feeling of missing out on something. We could have had it for half the price three days ago. Now when we need it the most, the price goes up. What if you were told that you could have had it for free? What if you had it, but then gave it away only to discover you needed it after all?
Well, that’s how the State Department must feel about Ibrahim al-Rubaysh. Ibrahim is an Al Qaeda leader they released from Gitmo in 2006. He was in the custody of the U.S. from 2002 until he was released under Bush. He was transferred to a rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia.
Ibrahim has reestablished himself with the terrorist community and now is working to fight America. He has made several public announcements and speeches and has called all Muslims to fight against the U.S. Is it just me or is there a problem with that rehabilitation program?
Ibrahim is now working for the group, Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula. He is writing justifications for the attacks committed by AQAP and also is involved with the planning of many of their operations as well. He is reportedly working somewhere in Yemen, but where is unknown.
The State Department recently released a report offering $5 million for information leading to bringing Ibrahim to justice. And this is to me the biggest issue. We get to share in the pain of this release.
Not only has our government released an enemy combatant to fight our people, but they wish to stop him using our money. We have to recognize that the State Department has no money of its own; they have to use taxpayer money. And once again it seems that they do not understand how these people think.
So, not only did they waste the money to feed and house this murderer, they gave him a ride home. Now they want us to pay for his recapture so that we can start the process again. This is foolishness epitomized.
Though the State Department might feel like they let one go, it is the American people who should feel as though they got the shaft. Time and energy that we are paying for is wasted on finding someone we had in custody.
What is worse, Obama wants to repeat the same mistake many times over. He wants the detainees released and sent home. This would seem to be a mistake. It seems that there is no real good answer here as it is also immoral to hold someone indefinitely.
There are no clear answers. One side claims that more detainees released from Gitmo would put our troops and citizens in danger. While the other claims Gitmo’s very existence causes a security risk. It is as if we are helplessly entangled.