Reverend Franklin Graham Supports the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and so Should You

In recent days Indiana became the 19th state to pass some version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), along with 11 other states who have passed bills strengthening religious freedom in their states. Now the legislators of Indiana and Governor Mike Pence (R-IN), in particular, are facing a withering storm of criticism from liberals, anti-God and gay activists! Even the White House has mentioned being against Indiana’s RFRA, though it is almost exactly like the RFRA that President Obama supported at the federal level. (I know, I know – Obama being a hypocrite, how weird, right?)

Now the Reverend Franklin Graham is weighing in and encouraging believers across the country to do what he is doing and to stand and support Indiana and the RFRA.


The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, is taking a lot of heat for doing the right thing. He signed into law the Religious…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, March 30, 2015


The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, is taking a lot of heat for doing the right thing. He signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which protects the freedoms of Hoosiers of every faith. He is being attacked by the LGBT community, liberal politicians, and liberal media who don’t want Christians’ freedoms to be protected. Thank God for politicians like Governor Pence who are not afraid to take a stand regardless of the political consequences. We need more men like him in public office across this country and in Washington who are willing to stand for right over wrong.

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Liberals and their friends in the media are spending a lot of time and money to make it seem like Indiana’s RFRA is some horribly crafted piece of homophobic legislation, but that’s nowhere near the truth. Attorney Gabriel Malor of the Federalist explains in a great piece on the RFRA.

This past week, journalistic abuse has exploded into controversy over an innocuous religious freedom law in Indiana. This law, known as a Religious Freedom Restoration Act or RFRA (pronounced “riff-ra”), tracks the language of the 1993 federal RFRA signed into law by President Clinton after a 97-3 vote in the Senate. But you would not necessarily know how innocuous it is from news media coverage. According to what you might hear in the news, this is an anti-gay law that is “almost universally loathed,” and which a White House official suggested would “legitimize discrimination.”

Indiana’s RFRA has none of these characteristics.


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