Reverend Franklin Graham Calls for a Halt on Muslim Immigration!

What’s the old saying? Politics makes strange befellows…

I think at this point in our nations history we can easily see the reality of that statement. Things got even “stranger” on Wednesday when the Reverend Franklin Graham was caught agreeing with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump about Muslim immigration.

Reverend Graham was discussing a recent CNN article that documented various leaders in the GOP disagreeing with Trump about Muslim migration to our country when he argued that the truth is that Trump is right – we should halt Muslim migration until we can figure out a way to properly vet immigrants or our war with Islam is over.

Reverend Graham is simply voicing the same concerns that MILLIONS of Americans have about Muslim migration to the US. There are many Americans who believe it to be incongruous of our government to be spending so much effort to “protect” us while allowing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants to move into our nation from Syria. In fact, while the NSA, FBI and other government agencies spend their time spying on Americans and collecting vast swaths of our personal information they simultaneously are allowing possible terrorists to settle comfortably into our homeland.

The GOP leaders argue that stopping Muslim migrants from coming simply because they are Muslim is “Un-American” and not consistent with our values. However, when conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul point out that spying on innocent Americans is also “Un-American” and inconsistent with our values… the same GOP leaders mock and deride them by saying that they aren’t interested in defending American lives! It’s disgusting. If Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain (and yes, even Marco Rubio) were consistent they would all be agreeing with Donald Trump right now… perhaps this is yet another reason that Trump still leads in the polls.

Here’s what Reverend Graham had to say about it all…

From Facebook:

For some time I have been saying that Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over. Donald J. Trump has been criticized by some for saying something similar. The new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said yesterday that he disagrees—saying that “such views are not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for.” Politicians in Washington seem to be totally disconnected with reality.

Research shows that there are 2.75 million Muslims living in the U.S. According to a poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of Muslims living in America believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to sharia” (Islamic law) instead of the U.S. Constitution. 29% agree that violence against those who insult Mohammad is acceptable, and 25% agree that violence against America can be justified as part of global jihad. Among males under the age of 45, that number rises to 36%. And 29% of males under 45 believe that violence against America is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land. This is frightening.

Our politicians are not listening to the truth—my prayer is that God will open their eyes. This affects our security and the future of our nation. If you agree, email your Congressman or Senator today, and SHARE this with others…