Retired Police Officer Has Gun Confiscated Because of Insomnia

I know that we all have heard the horror stories about mix ups in the hospital. People go in for minor procedures and waking to find a leg amputated. It is a natural fear that such human error could take place. Especially when we consider the stress under which the medical community works. There is a high volume of patients and the push to cut cost. It is a surprise that these types of things do not really happen.

It is a surprise though that a case of insomnia can cost someone their right to bear arms. It sounds far fetched, but it is true. It happened to retire police officer and U.S. Navy veteran Donald Montgomery.

It all started last May when Donald could not sleep. In an effort to get some sleep, Donald went to the emergency room at a local hospital. They gave him some medicine to help. When this did not work, Donald went back to the emergency room. They admitted him, and he was hospitalized for 48 hours. His normal sleep returned, and he was released.

A few days later, the local sheriff arrived at Donald’s home to collect his weapons. These weapons were legally obtained and legally owned. The only reason that the guns were confiscated was a misdiagnosis of Mr. Montgomery’s condition. He was flagged as mentally defective, and that setoff the chain reaction.

It seems that in the state of New York there is a mental health reporting system. This system connects all law enforcement with information on all people deemed mentally defective or who are involuntarily committed.

Since Mr. Montgomery was listed as mentally defective for his stay in the hospital, his gun permit was revoked. Then the sheriff being informed, he is obligated to confiscate the weapons. This is the backlash of the gun violence in our country.

People think that it will work to make a safer place to live if we can be alerted to such people. So then, as people are diagnosed, the state wants to punish them before a real crime occurs. There are several ways that we can look at this issue and how it is both unbiblical and unconstitutional.

There is the issue of gun rights. The right, to bear arms, is not and should not be predicated on the diagnoses of a doctor. In the first place, he is human and as we see people are liable to err. In the second place, who determines what is sane and insane?

There is also the issue of privacy. The way the system works currently, when a person is diagnosed with a mental defect, several agencies are sent medical information about you. This is supposed to be privileged information. It also could be used against you later in someway, as who knows who else will or could gain access to this information.

The main issue is that with the stroke of a pen, a normal productive citizen has his rights revoked. No evidence, no trial, no questions. This man served his entire life. He served first his country and then his community, but never was there a question. His rights were deemed by the bureaucracy to be nonexistent, and so they were.

Mr.Montgomery is suing the Governor of New Yew and state officials for violating his constitutional rights. Hopefully, this will be a battle that Mr. Montgomery wins, not just for himself but the rest of us as well. Donald Montgomery once again fights for freedom. God speed Donald.