Republicans Blame Rand Paul for ISIS – Joe Scarborough Begs to Differ

In an interesting conversation between Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and panel member Donny Deutsch, the two discuss a Wall Street Journal article that attacked GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul for some statements he made in a recent MSNBC interview.

Senator Paul argues that the GOP “war hawks” were mostly at fault for the creation and growth of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Wall Street Journal took exception to this argument and instead argued that Senator Paul’s foreign policy views were in lockstep with President Obama’s… and that it is their foreign policy that has created and strengthened ISIS. Both Scarborough and Deutsch find this claim laughable, saying that if Rand Paul’s views had been followed, there would be no ISIS because we would have never invaded Iraq in the first place.

If we followed Rand Paul’s foreign policy there would be no ISIS, because we would never have gone into Iraq and Saddam Hussein would not be — Saddam Hussein would still be there, ISIS would not. If we did not not pull out of Iraq the way we pulled out of Iraq. If you’d just gone George W. Bush or Dick Cheney’s way, ISIS would not be there Iraq because that void would have never been created. 

The argument you could make is if you’re a Republican, that the Wall Street Journal did make, is that it was Hillary Clinton, people like Hillary Clinton that were wrong both times. That were wrong saying let’s go into Iraq and then let’s leave Iraq quickly that created the first void. And then after order was brought, which Dexter Filkins (ofThe New York Times) and everybody else says was in 2008 and 2009, pulling out created a new void that did create the environment for isis. So Hillary was wrong on Iraq twice. I think that’s the argument certainly that Republicans would make, that I would make.



I think that the Wall Street Journal was being a bit simplistic by saying that Rand Paul’s foreign policy is something akin to Barack Obama’s. It’s just not true. Senator Paul has been one of President Obama’s biggest opponents on foreign policy over the years, and the truth is that while the President may have pulled our soldiers out of Iraq, he has gotten us much more involved in the politics of other nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

However, the second half of the argument is a good one. Hillary Clinton supported our initial invasion of Iraq, then also supported our early exit from Iraq. Looking back, both decisions have proven to have had catastrophic results on our economy and on our overall safety and health as a nation. Instead of attacking each other, perhaps this is where the Republican candidates for President should focus their efforts – reminding America that Hillary Clinton is almost always wrong on everything all the time… and history bears that out.