Recent Failures in the Middle East Point to a Failure in Planning

It is something that many do not think about very seriously. What do we do with a country which was once a threat, who has now been conquered and subdued? It is becoming more and more apparent that our national leaders do not have any real answer to this question. If they did, I do not think that things would have turned out as they have in the Middle East.

Without fail, almost all of the governments that we once propped up or supported have fallen into rebellion or are in the midst of economic and social collapse.

Reuters reports

Given the way things are going in the region, and the expansion and overflow of conflicts from one country to another, there is no way that the United States can return to solid footing in Yemen or Libya in the next few years. In fact, Yemen is likely to turn into its own version of the Syrian civil war, complete with sectarian dynamics and inter-militia rivalries.

This is not a surprise when we consider the regional belief system that is dominant. There is no real fertile ground for a republic to grow. Terrible education levels and the lack of a truly moral people do not a republic make. The only peace that most of these people desire or understand is a boot to the neck. This has been the basic standard for things since the First World War. And what is worse is that the U.S. is losing influence in the region.

Reuters explains

The United States and its Western allies have yet to appreciate the logic that militarization, airstrikes and drone attacks are not quick-fix elixirs to the complex problems in the Middle East. The United States lacks cohesive, comprehensive, long-term strategies for the entire region, and also for individual countries.

The issue is simple. The system in which our country is based is simply not exportable. It is simply not a one size fits all system. The things that the Southern Aristocrats argued would happen if slaves were released are showing to be true on a larger scale in North Africa and the Middle East. Without a Christian foundation and a background in English law, the system deteriorates into chaos and factions.

The Republicans and moderate Democrats of the 21st Century have bought into the fictitious dream of the Democrats of the 50’s and 60’s. They believe that with education, boatloads of money and democratic elections, people will live better and free. This is only possible if the people are also moral. The lack of a Christian understanding of man and the world sets these countries up for tyranny. They like the Greek democracies will morph into licentious and unproductive havens of sin and hedonism or tyrannically lead oligarchies.

But this is happening already. And worse, the enemy of our enemy is working with us to gain victory. But we have to ask for whom?

Reuters further reports

The situation in Yemen has the potential to further destabilize the Persian Gulf region. With the United States inadvertently working side-by-side with Iran to fight Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Iran and its proxies are emboldened and empowered. The coup by the Shi’ite Houthi tribe in Yemen is a major coup for Iran, and in many ways, it’s a coup within the region. These Iran-Saudi and Shi’ite-Sunni power struggles will continue to have diverse and violent repercussions, especially as Islamic State expands its franchises, as it has recently done in Libya and Tunisia.

It seems that we are pulling the weeds to expose poisonous flowers. As things continue to go down the hill, or over the cliff, we might find a region not merely influenced by Iran, but run by them.

The only other option is German and Japanese style American bases to keep the peace. Neither option is a good one.