Rand Paul Slams Hillary Clinton on Her Support of Women’s Rights Abusers!

In an epic (if understated) attack on Hillary Clinton (and her fawning media), Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) decries Clinton’s continued support for nations that abuse the rights of women. Muslim nations with draconian laws and customs requiring women be treated as 2nd citizens (or worse) have been pouring money into the Clinton family coffers for years, and the Clinton’s know that you never bite the hand that feeds you.

“She’s taking money from a country [Saudi Arabia] that persecutes women. She takes money from the Sultan of Brunei. What do they do in Brunei? If you’re accused of adultery you’re stoned to death, which doesn’t sound very fair, but what makes it even worse is only men are accusing women. Women don’t have the ability to go to court because women aren’t allowed in court; women don’t vote and have no say. So you have something on the books that completely abuses the rights of women and she takes money from the Sultan of Brunei.”

Hillary AbuseYet, somehow, the media continues to pretend that Hillary Clinton is some kind of champion for women’s rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hillary Clinton has sold out her credibility on women’s rights issues and on human rights issues. Hillary has been bought (literally) by the evil men who would continue to treat women as property, and Hillary has shown no inclination to either return their money or to condemn their attitudes and beliefs.