Racist Interview of Ted Cruz Proves Media Double Standard on Candidates

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently suffered one of the worst political interviews in years at the hands of practiced reporter Mark Halperin. Both conservatives and liberals across the Internet have been lampooning Halperin’s interview with the worst attacks, calling it the “most racist interview of a 2016 Candidate” and the kindest reviews simply mocking Halperin for his ridiculous questions. (Like what is your favorite Cuban food? Who is your favorite Cuban singer? And will you welcome Senator Bernie Sanders to the 2016 race… en Español?)




For his part, Senator Cruz has mostly laughed off the scorn being heaped onto Mark Halperin, but in an interview with IJReview Cruz wondered what might have happened if Halperin had been asking a Democrat those same questions.


“The media is a disaster and this is a perfect example of their double standards.”

“Imagine if [Halperin] had asked Obama these same questions? He would have been run out of the industry.”

Lastly, Cruz sounded amazed when considering just how differently the media handled candidate Obama as compared to his own candidacy and that of his fellow Republicans.

“The press demand my college transcripts but we don’t have the President of the United States’ college transcripts. They are asking old classmates questions about me but can’t find a single person who remembers attending school with Obama. Next thing you know, they will be interviewing the kid who sat next to me in kindergarten.”


It is truly disturbing how biased and crazed the main stream media has become – that they would barely vet an unknown community organizer with ties to racists, terrorists and communists… but they would question the “authenticity” of a Latino candidate, simply because he is conservative. It must get tiring for the Democrats minions in the media to constantly be bending over backwards in an effort to promote their liberal demigods. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find some fair coverage of politics in America?