Police Union Boycotts Obama’s Speech

When you are seeking to destroy all the institutions of a nation, you are bound to burn a bridge or two.  There is no way around angering someone that supported your rise to power.  When your stated goal is to fundamentally change America, those who safe guard America necessarily will be in your crosshairs.  And there are some police that have taken notice of the president’s callous attitude toward the recent police deaths in America.

The Breitbart reports

The New England Police Benevolent Association denounced President Obama for his refusal to condemn Black Lives Matter-influenced cop murders and ignoring their devastated families and communities.

They boycotted Obama’s Labor Day breakfast address in Boston. “Our members are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda, and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda,” Jerry Flynn, the association’s executive director.

These public servants are angry, and they want the president to know how they feel.  And why shouldn’t they be angry.  People are being encouraged to kill these police in cold blood, and not a word has been said against those putting out the call.  And as criminals answer the call by laying in wait for these men and women, our president is silent.

The Boston Herald reported

Let’s face it, (there have been) eight people killed in a nine-day period, eight police officers, and his silence up until recently has been deafening. And the real sad part of this — and when I went to the White House in the first term with (Vice President) Joe Biden — he said to me that he would be the voice of law enforcement. Well, as much as I love and adore Joe, his voice has been silent as well. So it’s not an Obama problem, it’s an administration problem.

This is a horror show, this is an epidemic of lawless people trying to kill police officers for no apparent reasons. Case in point is the lieutenant who was pumping gas in Houston. Over 7,000 people were at that church, and where was he (Obama)? Why wasn’t he there instead of a unity breakfast?”

What I am afraid is that these police and other unions are going to discover that they were no more than useful idiots.  They supported this president because he was supposed to be pro-union.  They thought that he had their best interests in mind.  Yet, what we are finding is that our president, like his communist father, is more in tune with the radical revolutionary than law and order.

We have to stop thinking that this man does anything by accident.  Obama is not an idiot; the man is not stupid.  His silence in this BlackLivesMatter incident is his consent to continue with their lawless activities.  And it is set to ignite the powder keg that he and his administration has prepared in this country.

As more thugs are encouraged to take the lives of police officers and die in the attempts, more neighborhoods will burn, and more thugs will make attempts.  It could become a self-feeding firestorm, one that could consume hundreds.  And if this is not checked it could mean the end of black society.

This president’s quiet encouragement of the actions of these murderous thugs could bring the emergency needed for marshal law.  Remember, there are no accidents.  This is planned and measured to destroy what framework remains.