Piers Morgan Admits He was “Too Aggressive” on Gun Control

Piers Morgan was a guest on Fox News’ the Kelly File with host Megyn Kelly on Tuesday where they discussed various topics – including CNN’s faltering ratings and Morgan’s aggressive assault on guns.

The former CNN host admitted, surprisingly, that he was probably “too aggressive” when it came to gun control and that he should have given pro-gun advocates more opportunity to explain their side. However, don’t think that he’s softened his stance on guns any… he still believes that America desperately needs much more severe and draconian gun laws.



“I think I became too aggressive, I think I didn’t listen to the other side as much as I should have done. I think that there is a culture of gun ownership in America which I didn’t afford enough respect to.” And “I think if I had my time again…it would be a much more two-way conversation I would have with people to try and understand why America has an obsession with guns, as many people see it and how you get to a place there is more safety involved in guns than perhaps there is now.”