Ouch. Pundit says Obama’s “Not Asleep at the Wheel, He’s Not at the Wheel at All…”


Boy, Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer certainly has a way with words, doesn’t he? In the aftermath of the unveiling of President Obama’s ridiculous gun grabbing scheme, Krauthammer took to Fox News to dissect and demolish the President’s plans.

Bret Baier: “Isn’t it fair to say though, that this President with the time he has left, with his lack of power on Capitol Hill, is not coming after peoples’ guns!”

Charles Krauthammer: “He’s not successfully done that but he has come after the 2nd Amendment, he’s come after the Constitution…

I think this is a trivial change; this isn’t going to make any difference. That’s what makes all of this so absurd. It’s an assault on the Constitution. It’s an assault on the separation of powers. Going around Congress, and to do what? To do something significant you could understand.

This is a minor expansion of the definition of ‘engaged in business’, it would not have had any effect on any of the mass shootings of the last several years. And yet Obama is committed, it’s kind of delusional. There is so much else going on in the country, going on around in the world, you have to ask yourself, this is it? This is what he’s spending a week on?

Yes, the world is in trouble, but it usually is, the difference is we have a president who is not asleep at the wheel, he’s not at the wheel at all, he’s somewhere else.

That is some devastating (and completely on-point) commentary from Charles Krauthammer. One wonders if anyone else in the media is willing to admit this obvious truth, or if they’d rather see our country fail than admit that the Obama era has been an absolute disaster.