Opponent to Iran Talks under Investigation on Corruption Allegations

We always have suspected that there was favor trading in Washington. It seems that it would be hard for there not to be. As I have worked with people on a regular basis, it becomes easier and easier to do things for them that I would not other. I am not justifying any unethical conduct, but I can see how it could happen.

I hate corruption, and all the more when rich people cheat for each other, just to make themselves richer. I think that the Department of Justice should go after those who are meant to be our representatives but use their power to benefit their friends instead. But it seems that there is strange timing with the investigation that has been reported.

Fox News reports  

The Justice Department reportedly is preparing to charge New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez with corruption counts over allegations he used his office to help a Democratic donor.

Supposedly, Menendez used his influence to further a friend’s business dealings.

CNN reported

Investigators looked at a plane trip the senator took as Melgen’s guest to the Dominican Republic. They also looked at how the senator allegedly advocated for him with Medicare officials who accused him of overbilling and allegedly pushed his friend’s business interests in the Dominican Republic.

CNN further reports

The FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity section, have pursued a variety of allegations against Menendez, who has called the probe part of “smear campaign” against him.

And here is the question at hand. If it were a smear campaign, who would want to see the Senator smeared? This is only a logical question. Well, we do not have to look very far to see that Menedez has not made any friends in the administration. He has opposed the president on two crucial policies.

Fox reports

Menendez has been a leading critic of the direction of current diplomatic talks with Iran over its nuclear program, and has helped draft legislation meant to check the administration’s power to negotiate a deal.

As top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and a Cuban-American lawmaker — he also has criticized the administration’s efforts to normalize ties with Cuba.

We have seen before that Obama has no problem with strong arm tactics with the media, and has threatened the same with Republicans. Now, there may be something to the thought that Menendez is being threatened for breaking ranks.

If Menendez is guilty, then he should pay the price. If Menendez is not, then this could be a case of intimidation by the White House.