On Fox News Liberal and Conservative Spar on Obama’s Handling of Iran

On Fox News this past week pundits Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer went head to head over President Obama’s handling of the situation in Iran. While everyone agrees that the Obama doctrine in the Middle East was to allow the nations there to defend themselves, they did not all agree on whether or not this was a good thing. Juan Williams seemed to believe that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and others defending themselves was best for the world, but Krauthammer did not. In fact, the way Krauthammer explained what was happening was downright terrifying.

In essence, now that Iran has essentially been cleared to build a nuke, the other nations would begin moving to do the same. This can and will lead to an arms race in the Middle East that could destabilize and threaten the entire planet. A problem that President Obama is apparently either unaware or uncaring of.

Either way… this Iran deal could be the beginning of some very dark days ahead.



Bret Baier: Listen, the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. sat in his chair and could not answer, would not answer whether the Saudis are moving toward a nuclear weapon, saying it is a matter of national security for his country. I said I’ll put that down as a maybe, and he said I’m not going to comment. That was significant moment because clearly, they are, Juan. 

Juan Williams: I think that’s right. I think there’s no doubt about. I think that’s the way they feel about Israel and its nuclear capabilities and they now in this Obama doctrine vision for the Middle East, he wants Saudis, he wants the Egyptians, he wants them all to become active players in their own defense and get out of this mode of waiting for the United States to come in and be the neighborhood cop.

So, they’re going to have to take more responsibility and you’re going to see, I think as a result or the hope would be more kind of Arab working on Arab issues and Arabs resolving those issues rather than waiting for the outside hand.

Charles Krauthammer: We want to see Saudis with the bomb, and Egypt with the bomb, and Turkey with the bomb? This is the most unstable region in the world. This is a place where you wake up in the morning and the government in Yemen has been swept away and the bad guys are in power and al Qaeda is on the march. This is overnight. It happened so quickly that we have to evacuate our embassy. It can happen in any one of these countries and our policy is to encourage each of these governments, which could disappear overnight, to possess a nuclear weapon, some of them who would pass it on to terrorists and others? This is insane.

What we have done in Europe and the Pacific elsewhere is a way to prevent proliferation is to offer our protection and to say that the United States, especially our Navy, our offshore power, is here. What we have done is to demonstrate a willingness to go over and to create a hegemonic Iran that scares the Arabs to death and that will cause a nuclear reaction and proliferation, but that’s a catastrophe; that is not a strategic on objective.