Ohio Takes a Huge Step toward Defunding Planned Parenthood

There have been very few victories in the fight to shut down the murder factory that is Planned Parenthood. Governors have made executive orders, have fought in court and have been told that they do not have the right to stop payment or break the contract with the abortion giant. But it seems that Ohio now has the political will to do just that.

Christian News reports

The Ohio House of Representatives has voted to advance a bill that defunds the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, reallocating over $1.3 million in funding to other health-related groups in the state that do not perform abortions.

House Bill 294 was passed along party lines 62-30. The legislation was introduced by Representatives Bill Patmon and Margaret Conditt, and follows a Senate version that passed 23-10 last month.

The victory is a huge step in the right direction. It means that a large hurdle has been crossed, and the state should soon move forward. With the Senate version already passed, there should be little left to do but vote. This would leave it in the hands of the governor to sign on and Planned Parenthood would be shut down, at least in Ohio.
But, of course, the left is upset at the vote.

Christian News continued

“This is about ideological opposition to a woman’s right to choose—let’s call it what it is—by legislators who think they have the right to make a woman’s personal health care decisions,” Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) asserted during deliberations.

Nickie Antonio is absolutely correct about one thing; there are ideological differences going on in this fight. She wants this fight to be about women’s rights. So, for the sake of argument let’s allow that for a moment. But, what if the baby that is being murdered is a girl? What about her rights?

You see, the left once again wishes to set the rights of the sinner above the rights of the innocent. Those who wish to live life according to their own understanding. Those who do what is right in their own eyes, these are the ones the left always sides with on every issue.

And the statistics tells us as much.

Christian News reports

According to a state report, there were 21,186 abortions in the state last year, and there were 147 abortions per 1,000 live births. The majority of women obtaining abortions are unwed mothers.

“Approximately 74 percent of women who obtained an abortion [in 2014] were never married, divorced or widowed,” the report reads.

These women are not women who are seeking to kill their babies because of health reasons. They do not want to kill their babies because they were raped or because they were a victim of incest. No, these women simply found being pregnant an inconvenience. They literally hired a doctor to murder and dispose of their child like common trash.

This war is a war indeed. But it is not a war on women, but a war on God. God commands His people to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 2:28). He says that we are to fill the earth and subdue it, but the ungodly hate God and his commands. Thus, they will strike at His word and command every chance they get, and abortion is just one example.