Obama’s White House Might be Distancing itself from Clinton in light of Email Scandal

It is hard when you are counting on someone, and they let you down. There are few things more disappointing than when that person you most need to come through shows themselves unconcerned. This is what it might feel like in the White House this week. When we consider that there is absolutely no other candidate who has a chance of making a run at the 2016 election, all that Obama has accomplished could simply fade away like a bad dream after a drunken weekend. And this might just be why the administration is seeking to get ahead of things. It is always good to keep your options open, especially when your lead horse is stumbling.

Fox Reports

There are only a few weeks left for Democrats to decide whether or not to try to topple Clinton, and it seems highly unlikely that anyone with enough clout would make the leap in time. But as we watch Obamaland start to quarantine Clinton, lest an outbreak spread to the president’s legacy project, the possibility of a real primary gets more real.

And unlike many of the other questionable things that Hillary did while Secretary of State, the president does not seem to have had any knowledge of her indiscretion. The issue is that Obama will certainly want to back a candidate, and will probably campaign more for them than his self, if that were possible. But, Obama is wisely backing away from Clinton like an intruder backing away from a German shepherd.

Fox further reports

To sum up the feelings, all the way up to the highest levels: What. The. Hell.” The tone here is one of concern, but also of building an, er, firewall against future foibles: “They’re just hoping that this email server – ‘the president 100 percent would not have done it this way,’ the former aide said, ‘this is such a clearly nontransparent way of going about it’ – is the extent of the latitude she took that they didn’t know about.”

They are taking care, not just to have deniability, but good standing to choose another candidate to support. That means that there is a willingness here to allow Clinton to go under the bus on this issue. It might even be the case, if things get too ugly, they may help her to get there faster. And it would not be a betrayal. It would be self-preservation.

It is certainly true that President Obama has a great deal invested in having a Democratic successor, especially since he is using executive authority to keep a wobbly agenda in place.

You see, if a conservative reaches the White House, there is a great possibility that all that the president has done, legal or otherwise, will be swept away. If Obama wants to be seen as successful, then he must have a Democrat successor. President Obama is many things, but stupid he is not. He wants to pick a winner, and that has nothing to do with loyalty. That is why the worse this email scandal gets, the more the administration will step away from Clinton.