Obama Won’t Stand for Jews, Christians or Western Civilization

Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News and the media watchdog group TruthRevolt has been pumping out some great media in a recent days detailing the travesty that is the Obama administration. One of my favorites, though, has to be a piece he did explaining why it seems that President Obama refuses to stand up against Islamic terrorism. He titled the video “First they Came for the Jews” and it is an absolutely brilliant piece of commentary dissecting President Obama’s hatred of Western Civilization and his apparent affinity for Islamic terrorism.



In the short video Shapiro details the stunning failure by the Obama administration to call out the Islamic terrorists for their crimes against Jews or Christians. President Obama chooses to pretend that the terrorists randomly pick their victims, instead of being honest about the fact that the terrorists choose their victims quite deliberately. The real question, and the heart of Shapiro’s analysis is, ‘Why does Obama refuse to recognize the evil of radical Islam?’

The answer is obvious, but the implications are terrifying.



Focus instead on the fact that today, not hundreds of years ago or decades, Islamists are murdering Christians en masse in Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, and Syria. First, they came for the Jews, and Obama did not speak up, because he was not a Jew. Then, they came for the Christians, and Obama did not speak up, because he is not a Christian. Now, they come for Western Civilization.

And Obama will not speak up because he is not an advocate of Western Civilization. He is a believer that Western Civilization is exploitative; that terrorism is caused by imbalances between the West and the rest; that if only the West would minimize its arrogance on the world stage, peace would result. And so we cut the military. And so we make way for an Iranian nuclear program. And so we hamstring Israel and Egypt and insist that ISIS is not Islamic.

They are coming for the Jews. They are coming for the Christians. They are coming for Western Civilization. By the time the radical Muslims come for those who think like President Obama, there will be no one left to speak out.