Obama Seeks to Give Away Our Money Again!

It seems that they just cannot help themselves. Our president and this administration seem addicted to spending our money. Unfortunately, this is not the worst part of the problem. It would be one thing if the government spending problem was producing a better standard of living for our citizens. It would be difficult to complain very much, even as the tax bill came in, yet this is far from the case. This time, it is not the rescue of the poor or even some starving nation. No, it is our undeveloped neighbors. Those countries such as India and Indonesia, which have growing industrial bases, but are reliant on fossil fuels, will receive monies to begin to move toward “greener” options. Secretary of State, John Kerry pledged $3 Billion to the Green Climate Fund on behalf of the Obama administration and the American people. Thanks but not thanks says Sen. James Inhofe R-Okla. He made a pledge of his own. He told Fox News: “If they think they are going to get all that money for the fund, they’re mistaken,” He promises to be more aggressive in allowing spending on such green programs. Hopefully, we will see some actual resistance from the Republican controlled congress. These sorts of issues have to be faced head on, and dealt with properly. This kind of stand could mean some hard fighting with an administration that is committed bankrupting our economy with “climate change spending.” Either way, it promises to be more hard slogging for congress and the president. Both are set to fight this out, and that is not very helpful in getting issues resolved. The newly elected Senators got in on campaigns promising to fight such spending as this $3 billion check. But we all know how the president reacts when he does not get his way. It will now be harder for the president to sell the need for such spending in the face of the facts. Such as the fact that there has not been any climate change, especially in temperature over the past several decades. As well as the fact that many of the developing nations are resistant to the proposition of letting go of their new found wealth. China and India have rejected the idea of greener, less productive, and costlier methods of producing energy. This reluctance is one of the reasons for the Green Climate Fund; it is supposed to offset some of the cost for these countries. And this reason should be the one that angers American taxpayers the most. We are being asked to fund the energy development of those countries that have historically been the most responsible for the disappearance of U.S.’s industrial base. As if to add insult to injury, we the American workers are asked to further the profit margin of those who put us out of work. I ask, is it not enough that the government made it impossible for our corporations to compete by smothering them with regulations and taxes? Is it not enough that our jobs go overseas because of “slave labor,” wages. Now, we are asked to support such companies in their attempt to go green. I think I speak for most Americans when I say, thanks but not thanks.