Obama Ready to Give Havana Every Wish

For well over five decades, our country has had virtually no diplomatic or trade relations with the country of Cuba. For most of my forty-one years, I have heard people speak to this issue. Most have believed that the reason for these cold relations was that Castro was in power and a communist. This is not true.
We have to remember that before the communist revolution and subsequent overthrow of the Cuban government; Cuban/U.S. relations were very good. It was one of the most popular spots in the Caribbean. It was the place to be for the rich and famous.
We must also remember that Cuba was one of the richest places in the world. It had the best coffee, vegetables and cigars. It has the best soil in the world so that if it could grow; it could grow better in Cuba. It was a thriving populace, and though all things were far from perfect, they were good.
Once Castro and his murderous communists came to power, all that changed. People were taken from their homes and never seen again. Most executed for having spoken out against the new regime or having opposed the revolution. Many of the revolutionaries openly denounce American and promised her revolutionary overthrow.
All of this was forgotten or disregarded by President Obama, who has traded prisoners with Cuba. He also stated that he wants to reexamine our relations with Cuba, stating that the reason for our discord was merely ideological.
This flies in the face of years of murder, rape, theft and kidnapping. Castro’s evil repression of his own people and the communist induced decline of the Cuban economy and its people. As with every historical example of communism, Cuba has suffered from a declining work ethic.
Obama echoed the decades-old line that Cuba’s woes originate in American soil, and perpetuated by our trade embargo. The facts bear this out to be a lie. By Obama’s own admittance the U.S. is the only country taking part in such trade and travel restriction, yet the people of Cuba still suffer under poverty and corruption.
If Obama wishes to help unite the Cuban exiles with their imprisoned families, them maybe he should think of actually negotiating real improvement in Cuba. I am thankful that the men involved in this trade are reunited with their families, but three murdering spies rightly convicted are also home and now heroes of the revolution.
The American people can only hope that congress will block any effort to change our laws concerning Cuba unless real concessions are made on the part of Havana.