Notable Squish David Brooks Calls Conservative Ann Coulter a “Clown”

The New York Times David Brooks is the left’s favorite conservative… mostly because he isn’t actually conservative. In his most recent effort to reach out to the left and show how wonderful he is, he ended up calling some of the most popular conservatives in the media “clowns.”

I particularly love how Brooks has the audacity to proclaim that he’s important enough to be at the “adult” table.

Brooks is the clown.

And quite honestly, he doesn’t speak for us or for many other conservatives…



We lionize people abroad for things we would not tolerate here. And so the reaction should be for us domestically is, hey, let’s get offended a little more. Let’s tolerate a little offensiveness. There’s a new thing on campus, microaggressions. It’s like some minor offense against people. But you just have to learn to tolerate that. We have to do two things, one we have to uphold standards of civility and decency, but we ought to let the clowns among us say what the clowns do. And you never do that with law, you never do it with speech codes, you don’t disinvite speakers, you allow them to talk, but you have distinctions.

So there are some people like, frankly this show, we’re at the adult table of conversation. Some people like Ann Coulter, they’re at the kiddie table. Charlie Hebdo, that’s the kiddie table. Let the kiddie table have the kiddie table. Because sometimes they’ll say things that those of us at the adult table need to hear. Don’t crack down on them.