New Senate Majority Leader says America wants a “Responsible Conservative Governing Majority”

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was on CNN this past weekend to discuss a wide rang e of political topics centered around the new Congresses relationship with President Obama.

Senator McConnell expressed hope that the President would work with the new legislature despite the fact that it would be dominated by Republicans… but he didn’t sound optimistic.


CNN’s Dana Bash wondered what message the voters were trying to send by electing an overwhelming GOP majority to Congress.


I think the American people had two messages. They were certainly upset with the president and wanted to express that opposition to what he’s been doing, but they also want to do something about the dysfunction in Washington. I’m not sure they know exactly who is responsible for it, but they want it to stop. And so I think the message from the American people is they’d like to see a right-of-center, responsible conservative governing majority. That’s what the speaker and I tend to provide. And, hopefully, we will have enough followers to do that.


She also wondered what his top goal as Senate Majority leader was.


Mitch McConnellJobs and the Economy… approve the Keystone Pipeline. Pushback against the overactive bureaucracy of the current administration that has created much job loss. We need to rein in the regulatory onslaught, which is the principle reason we haven’t had the kind of bounce back after the 2008 recession that we would expect.


Bash then asked what the first thing to reach President Obama’s desk that he won’t like would be.


We think Obamacare is a terrible piece of legislation and we’ll be voting on that. If we could repeal or take out pieces of it – destroying the 40-hour work week, the medical device tax, the individual mandate – all of these things are very unpopular with the American people and we’ll be voting on them.


They also discussed McConnell’s relationship with the President and what he thought would be happening between them in the near future. It was interesting to hear McConnell’s take on how he thought things would go in the days ahead.


Make sure to watch the entire interview – Bash asks some good questions and McConnell makes some interesting points.