New Pittsburgh Courier Shining Light on Black on Black Murder

With so much talk concerning the shooting death of Brown and the strangling death of Garner, there is much talk of “Black lives.” For many, these issues are hard to grapple with and even harder to understand. As strange as it might sound, being from the south there was very little racial tension with which to deal.

Here is the problem. Many people in our day did not grow up in such situations. Most communities have moved past the distrust and hatred that so defined who we were as a country. Though there are still ignorant people from all ethnic backgrounds, we have made huge steps in the right direction over the past several decades.

We now face a situation, which if not brought under control could threaten to undo all this work. That is the situation in Ferguson and New York. For many whites, it has been hard to understand. Though the officer in Ferguson has been shown to have acted within the bounds of the law many are calling the incident murder.

Many are asking the question: “If black lives matter, then why are you not this upset when a black person is the killer?”

This of course enrages those who seek to distort the issue or who feel that they are promoting justice. It is, of course, wrong for us to muddy things up with the facts. And so, it is very refreshing to find someone who will speak the truth. Especially when no one can ever accuse that person of racism.

AP reports that there is one such advocate, both for the truth and the black community. The New Pittsburgh Courier has been reporting the news for the black community for 107 years. Taking on such topics as “ Anti-discrimination, political empowerment, health care and housing were just a few issues the paper championed in its early years. It fought for the desegregation of professional sports. Courier sportswriter Wendell Smith is credited with recommending Jackie Robinson to Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey . . .” according to AP.

For a decade, the Courier has displayed the graphic of a gun and the number of black on black murders in the city. They do this to bring the attention to where it should be, and not just on the sensational events. An honest look at this real problem can only help to wake people to the problems facing the black community.

If the statistics are correct; we must say that it is black thugs that work the most damage in the black community. More times than not, it is blacks who are the murderers of blacks. If we then want to account blacks lives as important, then we must be honest about the situation.

“We are challenging the community to own this problem,” says Rod Doss, editor and publisher in AP. If they do own this problem, then maybe the black community will endure. If not, then they will continue to commit social suicide and blame a white community that by and large has done little to continue their problems.

Many claim that the problem is with the economic situation in the black community that is at root with this violence. Yet, it seems more likely to be the government sponsored break down of the historically strong black family through welfare that is most likely the culprit.

Though the Courier is not reporting that, at least they have shed some light on the situation. And some light is better than none.