Muslim Terrorists Attack Churches During Sunday Morning Services

The religion of peace is at it again in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a majority Muslim nation where each new morning brings fear and trepidation to the life of any non-Muslim Pakistani. Being a Christian in Pakistan is a very dangerous prospect, and the havoc that was wreaked by Muslim terrorists associated with the Taliban a few Sundays ago is just more proof of that.

On Sunday, March 15th, two churches in Pakistan were attacked, 17 people were killed and another 70 were wounded, but the damage could have been much worse. Local newspapers report that more than 2000 people were in attendance at the weekly church services, so the death/injury toll was actually much lighter than the terrorists likely anticipated.



The two churches attacked were St. John’s Catholic Church and the protestant Christ Church.

According to eyewitnesses, two suicide bombers approached the gates of the two churches and tried to enter them. When they were stopped — including by a 15-year-old Christian who blocked them with his body — they self-detonated. Witnesses saw “body parts flying through the air.”

Thus did the jihadis “kill and be killed,” in the words of Koran 9:111, the verse most often cited to justify suicide attacks.

According to an official statement of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan, despite all the threats received by the churches, authorities only provided “minimal” security:

 Agents present at the time of the attack were busy watching the cricket match on TV, instead of carrying out their duty to protect churches. As a result of this neglect, many Christians have lost their lives…

… the government to adopt strong measures to protect churches and other religious minorities in Pakistan [since] the Christian community of Pakistan was targeted by extremists in the past.


Christians in Pakistan mourn the loss of their loved ones after suicide bombers attacked two churches during worship…

Posted by The Voice of the Martyrs – USA on Saturday, March 28, 2015


All over the world Christians are under unprovoked assault. Islamic “radicals” indiscriminately kill Christians in nations across two continents – from Nigeria to Egypt and from Iraq to Malaysia — and everywhere in-between. We have to ask ourselves – ‘Are we, the United States and her people, doing enough to stem the tide of violence against Christians?’ Or are we content to sit and watch as our brothers and sisters die and our planet burns?