MSNBC Host says Hillary Clinton “Has a Glass Jaw,” Doesn’t Think She’ll be the Next President


Startling news out of MSNBC (though admittedly less startling since it’s coming from one of the networks few Republicans), but one of their most popular pundits, Joe Scarborough, does not believe that Hillary Clinton will be our next President! Joe was on the Hugh Hewitt radio show discussing Hillary’s email scandal and her chances in the upcoming primaries and general election, when Scarborough laid it all out on the line. He told Hewitt that he just didn’t think that Hillary had what it takes to win a general election. He also said that he’d heard from folks within Hillary’s own circle who were very worried about her chances in 2016.


Hugh Hewitt: But that comes down to this question then. Joe Scarborough, do you think she has, Hillary Clinton, do you think she has a glass jaw?

Joe Scarborough: I think she has a glass jaw, and I’ll be really blunt. I don’t think she’s going to be the next president of the United States. Everybody acts like she’s inevitable. But I know a lot of people very close to Hillary Clinton that are very worried right now that she has what it takes to win a general election. They think she’s going to win a primary, the Democratic primary, but they’re very worried.



The video ends a bit abruptly, but I wanted to highlight something Scarborough says that comes after the video ends. He continued his train of thought by saying,

“And think about it, Hugh. Everybody’s been talking for four years about how the Democrats are stacked against the Republican Party, there’s no way we’re going to win nationally again. All we need is somebody to win all the states Mitt Romney won, which is a pretty low bar for the Republican Party. And then you win Florida, Virginia and Ohio, which I think any of these major candidates can beat Hillary, and then you just have to pick up four electoral votes. And there are about ten states that Republicans can win there. I’m actually feeling very bullish on 2016 right now if we nominate the right guy or woman.”


Well Joe, that’s music to my ears. Frankly after a week of listening to folks in the media and in both parties talk about how bad religious freedom is… I really needed to hear something positive like this. Any Republican candidate should easily win the states that Romney did in 2012 and adding Florida, Virginia, Ohio and something shouldn’t be too tough now that President Obama is off of the ballot. There are reasons to be cautiously optimistic about conservatives chances in 2016.

So, here’s hoping that Joe Scarborough is right and that Hillary Clinton’s “glass jaw” does her in in 2016.