Movement in University of California Finally Shows its True Face at U.C. Davis

As I earlier reported, there is a movement to punish Israel within the University of California. This movement is called Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). This group has managed to convince the union and others within the UC system to divest its 401k from any Israeli company. It also is boycotting any Israeli products. And as I pointed out in my previous article, there are two things that are very disturbing about this movement.

The first thing is that there has been virtually no media coverage of this movement. A movement that is spearheaded by a student’s group called, Students for Justice in Palestine. This group is unapologetically Islamist and anti-Semitic. In fact, Fox reports that they were chanting Islamist slogans at the meeting at UC Davis.

They Report:

A victory that anti-Israel students at the University of California celebrated last month with shouts of “Allahu Akbar” was short-lived, after a student-run court on Thursday struck down their decision to boycott the Jewish State.

Now as you can glean from the quote, the decision of the student court at UC Davis was to strike down the BDS. But this is not the troubling part. After the UC Davis student senate had voted to pass the BDS, the pro-Islamic students erupted in chants of “Allahu Akbar.” Then, Jewish students became targets of vandalism.

CNSNews reported

In what can only be described as a vile hate crime, two swastikas were found spray painted onto the wall and at the doorstep of Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis

Fox further reports

Azka Fayyaz, a member of the U.C. Davis student senate, posted on her Facebook page a triumphant message following the vote: “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis.” She later penned an open letter for the school paper, The California Aggie, claiming she was engaging in satire.


Pro-Hamas group Students for Justice in Palestine shouted Muslim slogans and one even tweeted gleefully that “sharia law” had come to the university system,

Why has nothing been reported about this in the mainstream media? It would seem that this would have caused the cameras to flood the campus. But, nothing. Why? It can only be one of two things. They do not think that it is news. This would be an asinine assessment. How is this not news?

The other is the more insidious charge; they do not want Americans to know what is being pressed on their children. They want to indoctrinate your children. If you know that there were pro-Hamas groups on your child’s campus, would you not at least think about pulling them out of that university? How can there be a pro-terrorist group at an American university?

Here we find that the student body Court struck down the BDS because it was political and had no bearing on the welfare of the student body. This is good, but there seems to be a rise in anti-Semitism in our country and around the world. This and nothing is being said. The reason is that this rise in hatred is fueled by groups such as those pushing the BDS on U. Cal. Campuses.  This is the second troubling thing.  There is a rise in Anti-Semitism among the student body and there is a trend toward Islam.

These groups purport to want peace, but they have shown that like their Middle Eastern counter parts they want to silence their detractors.  They have taken off their masks, and we will show what we are by how we act. Are we cowards?  We often blame the German people for their nonaction. What will you do American?