Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted

Europe has been hopelessly liberal for years. And with the influx of different people from different cultures, the Leftists thought that they would see the Utopian Multicultural dream they had longed for so long. Many expected an era where people from across Europe and the world would work, live, and prosper. Where the East and West would finally shake hands as both sides set their culture, history, religion, and interests down and live in peace with one another.

As you know, this has not happened. In fact, the very opposite has begun to happen. Some Europeans have decided that they do not want to go quietly into that good night of history. They do not wish to see their people die out. And there is beginning to be a familiar attitude come to some of the youth of Europe.

Breitbart reports

Wearing black jackets adorned with a symbol of a Viking and the Finnish flag, the “Soldiers of Odin” have surfaced as self-proclaimed patriots patrolling the streets to protect native Finns from immigrants, worrying the government and police.

On the northern fringes of Europe, Finland has little history of welcoming large numbers of refugees, unlike neighbouring Sweden. But as with other European countries, it is now struggling with a huge increase in asylum seekers and the authorities are wary of any anti-immigrant vigilantism.

Now, this should frighten us, at least, a little. We see those who are scared turn to nationalistic ideals. People, wishing to protect themselves and their country are coming together and doing so under the guise of ethnic and national relation.  They have adopted an “us and them” view of their country.

Reuters continues

Since then the group has expanded to other towns, with members stating they want to serve as eyes and ears for the police who they say are struggling to fulfil their duties.

Members blame “Islamist intruders” for what they believe is an increase in crime and they have carried placards at demonstrations with slogans such as “Migrants not welcome”.

This group has not committed any acts of violence or vigilantism against anyone, but it has the makings of something we have seen before. They are people who believe that they are losing their country. They think that people from outside are coming in and that their government is doing anything but stopping the problem. What’s worse is they are not alone.

RT reports

Amid attempts to curb immigration flows, far-right anti-migrant groups have been gaining in popularity. In a recent poll, three in five EU citizens said they do not approve of migrants coming from outside the continent.

In Germany, the anti-Islam Pegida movement based out of Dresden has provided a loud voice for those unhappy with the immigrant situation, though it is still considered marginal.

In Sweden, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have been gaining traction in the polls, despite being described as “xenophobes” and “racists” by the media.

And this once again shows that the Left has no grip on human nature or behavior. When people are threatened, they do not seek to find ways to accommodate, they find ways to fight back. And, we will see that as this crisis continues and the governments fail to protect the citizens, the more groups like this will spring up and grow.