Megyn Kelly Gets it Right – Media thinks that Any Pro-Life Opinion is “Hateful”

In a brilliant segment for her show the Kelly File, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly eviscerated the liberal media for their biased narrative on conservatives and conservative philosophies.

In discussing the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Kelly links the coverage to other recent examples of violence and lays bare the obvious bias in how the media covers such events. When a police officer is targeted, the media is quick to avoid blaming the Black Lives Matter movement (that openly calls for violence against police). When a psychopath kills people in a Planned Parenthood, however, the media blames pro-life Christians. Kelly cites example after example of similar hypocrisy and unmasks the disgusting behavior of the liberal media.

Is this not evidence of the bias in some of these reporters, who are on the pro-choice side and think any expression of any anti-abortion, pro-life opinons, if you use the language ‘baby killers,’ which pro-life people believe abortion is, that is the hateful rhetoric they want to shut down. 

That is the rhetoric they want to pin this crime on.