Massachusetts Democrat Senators Make Enemy of Union President

You had to know that it would happen. There had to be a time when those who want to work would come to blows against those who want to stop all work. The issue is a natural gas pipeline that is set to run through Massachusetts. Kinder Morgan of Huston in cooperation with Tennessee Gas has filed a request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

This is the way that things are supposed to work in our highly regulated society. If you want to work three years from now, you must submit the paperwork now. It is something that you have to come to get used to, that is if you plan on having any success. Paper holds up the world and especially in construction.

There seems to be no real reason for this project not to go forward. To most people’s surprise, oil is one of the best maintained and regulated industries in America. This industry is not transporting useless waste; it is transporting liquid gold. They want more than any eco-nut ever could to prevent a spill, because they loose millions if they do not.

Now for years, the unions and the Democrats have enjoyed a political romance. The Democrats have sold themselves as the party of the workingman. They were Mr. and Mrs. middleclass, working for the small guy. This line sold well in the rural South and the blue collar cities. This is why many of the older generation I speak with still votes for a party that has left them. They do not realize that they no longer fight for their interests or values.

You see, it is popular to demonize big business. We all suffer to one degree or another from the sin of coveting. We all want more or better. When we couple this with our pride, it breeds hate. We just know that the rich guy had it given to him, or he stole it from someone else, you for instance. It is you who make his money for him; therefore you should be entitled to more of a share of that money.

Granted there was a time when there was a desperate need for Unions in our country. And they have done well in many instances at bringing better wages and working conditions. The problem with Unions is that they can take advantage of the worker in the place of the employer. They, then, like the Democrats have taken advantage of the lower income families felt need for representation.

These two long time allies are soon to be at odds with each other. The issue, as it is in Massachusetts, will be the Dems writing two checks on the same account. They can make promises to provide more work. They can promise that they will stop projects that are deemed non-eco-friendly. But they will not be able to do both. They will eventually have to take a side.

Senators. Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren have recently done just that. They have come out to say that they will use their political pull to shut down the Mass. Pipeline. They both said that they were going to put pressure on the Federal Energy Regulatory Board to deny permission for the pipeline.

Though these Senators are not the only opposition to the pipeline, they are the ones with the most pull. The response from the President of the union that represents the workers at Tennessee Gas should give us hope. It shows that when it is your money or your job something has to be done. Maybe this will send a signal to other unions that they have no real representation.

Roll Call reported that Terry O’Sullivan General President of the Laborer’s International Union of North America gave this response.

“The Senators’ comments are a vulgar attempt to politicize our nation’s energy regulatory agencies. These agencies should be left alone to do their work based on facts and analysis, not pressure politics. Their comments are especially disconcerting when too many working people lack affordable fuels, our armed services are in harms-way due in part to our historical lack of energy independence, and at a time of growing concern over climate change – all of which the Tennessee Gas Co. line will do its part to help address.”

Hopefully, this signals that the honeymoon is over.