Mark Levin and Sean Hannity Decry Liberal Hatred of Israel


On Wednesday Mark Levin was a guest on Fox News’ Hannity Show with Sean Hannity where both men vociferously attacked President Obama and the “clapping seal” media for their apparent anti-Semitism. Most of the day Wednesday and Thursday liberals in both politics and the media spent their time grinding their teeth about the recent election in Israel.

Shortly into the interview Hannity asked Levin about why the President hadn’t yet called him to congratulate him for his party’s victory, which is when Levin went off on Obama’s anti-Semitism.


“He doesn’t like democracy. He doesn’t like Congress. He’s got a pen and a phone, and when Congress doesn’t do what he says, he’s off doing his best Benito Mussolini…

Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, let’s have a national discussion about the anti-Semitism that reeks from your administration…”



Hannity, for his part, doesn’t seem to buy into the anti-Semitism argument, but he does believe that President Obama feels inadequate in comparison to Prime Minister Netanyahu. “I think President Obama is small in comparison [to Netanyahu] and probably deep down inside knows it.”

I’m not sure which side of the line to fall on this question. I do believe that the Obama administration (and modern liberal ideology) is populated by anti-Semites, but I can’t be sure that President Obama himself is one. I think that President Obama does believe that Israel is more of a problem than a solution, and that if Israel did not exist we wouldn’t have so many problems in the Middle East. Obama is like the male chauvinist who believes that when a husband beats his wife, it is most likely the fault of the wife for some perceived slight. Obama looks at Israel and blames the Jewish people for the hatred and animosity that brews in the hearts of their enemies.

It’s despicable. Whatever the root cause of the Obama administration’s negative posture towards Israel, it must stop. The longer our two nations continue to be at odds the more danger both of our nations are in.