Louie Gohmert Steps in the Ring with Boehner for Speaker of the House

A ray of hope in Washington: Representative Louie Gohmert is challenging RINO John Boehner for Speaker of the House. Boehner and the Republican establishment have let down conservatives again and again and again, giving in to the Obama Administration’s strong-arming and letting the left run roughshod over our Constitutional freedoms, national security, and economic strength.

Louie Gohmert won’t allow any of that to happen for one minute longer. In a Congress full of lemmings and self-serving hacks, he is a titan — one of the few Representatives who know the truth about the jihad terror threat and isn’t afraid to enunciate it. He has challenged Obama henchmen including Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and Robert Mueller on their evasions and half-truths. He doesn’t back down and start bawling like Boehner — he stands his ground and tells the truth.

For those who have long wondered if there was any testicular fortitude left in the GOP, wonder no more.

What a wonderful development for those of us deeply committed to individual rights, liberty and national security.

The Republican majority in the House needs Louie Gohmert. The American people need Louie Gohmert. If you’re in a Republican district, contact your Representative now and tell him or her that you expect a vote for Gohmert — and will consider a vote for Boehner to be yet another betrayal of the American people. Do it now.


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