Liberal Oregon Democrat Claims Public Restrooms are Dangerous – Introduces Legislation

A Democrat Oregon legislator is trying to regulate the state’s public restrooms because they are apparently dangerous to pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and almost everyone else.

Democratic Sen. Chris Edwards introduced legislation Monday that would put specific rules on how loud and how fast bathroom hand dryers can blow, the Associated Press reports.

The measure would require new blow dryers not to blow louder than 84 decibels or faster than 115 miles per hour.

The committee’s preliminary summary of the bill claims regulations would help a long list of “vulnerable subgroups,” including “fetuses, infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with particular diseases or medical problems like high blood pressure, people on the autism spectrum, Alzheimer’s patients, hearing aid users, and more.”

Edwards told the Senate Committee on Business and Transportation that hand dryers have caused his autistic son to cry and cover his ears in what could be described as “an episode.”

Government inspectors will have this added to the long checklist of things that must be up to code when they inspect remodeled or newly constructed bathrooms.

The bill has a senate committee hearing Wednesday.