Liberal Journalist says Protesters Calling for “Dead Cops” were Drowning Out the Majority

On it’s face the idea that a minority of protesters could drown out the “peaceful” majority of protesters seems a bit preposterous. Especially, when considering that emotions should have been high to begin with and the majority should have been prepared for these “bad actors.”

In fact anyone watching the video quickly realizes that the volume of the crowd rises rapidly as the chants become more intelligible. It sounds very much like more and more people getting involved to HELP the chant… not to try and stop it.

Just listen as the chants begin to become intelligible around 12 seconds in and steadily grow ever louder.

Now listen to Jonathan Capeheart try to absolve the protesters of any malice or wrong-doing.

You have people demonstrating all over the country. And you have one instance shown on videotape of people calling for dead cops. Those voices are now drowning out hundreds of thousands of people who have been demonstrating around the country against police policies and police tactics, not against police…

Well, I mean again people were protesting about police policies. Yes, there were some who were screaming and yelling directly at police, but the overwhelming majority of protesters were protesting against police policies and it is all about bringing about a change that would allow people to feel safe. that would allow people to feel not that the police were against them or were an occupying force but working with them to make their communities safer.