John McCain BOOED at Arizona GOP Committee Meeting!

I have often wondered how someone like John McCain (R-AZ) who is seemingly disliked by even the majority of his own party can continue to win election after election. I still don’t really have an answer for that… but I do have a really cool video proving conservatives do exist in Arizona.

The Arizona Republican Committee held a meeting on Saturday where Senator McCain was a guest speaker – you would think that if he were to be popular anywhere it would be in his home state with his Republican constituents, but you would be wrong. Even among his supposed friends McCain seemingly has as many detractors as supporters. When he was introduced a chorus of boos rained down upon him and if the person who posted the video to YouTube is to be believed, most of the cheering came from non-voting members that McCain brought in to make sure someone was cheering for him!

McCain stacked the balcony full of supporters of his, making it appear as if he had more support from the crowd than he really did. The body of voting members were overwhelmingly booing and shouting at him.


Seriously, can’t he just retire already?