Jindal Says that Obama has Disqualified Himself to be Commander-in-Chief

It is rare to hear a politician be clear. Usually, there are Q & A sessions with the press that are muddled to hide the true intent and meaning as not to offend any but the radical fringes of both parties. This was far from the case with Governor Bobby Jindal yesterday and today. Yesterday, Jindal wrote a piece for Fox News. There he called out the president on several issues. Issues that Jindal claims point to a disqualification of Obama to be Commander-in-Chief. Jindal wrote:

President Obama has shown the country that he is incapable of being commander-in-chief of the United States of America. One of the defining military challenges of our time is the spread of radical Islamist terrorism, and President Obama has focused more on criticizing America and lecturing the American people than on devising a plan to hunt down and kill these extremists.

Jindal, in no uncertain terms calls out the administration for failing in our fight against ISIS. He says that the president has failed to identify the enemy. He claimed that the president criticizes Americans.  Also, that the administration has failed to act quickly enough. Jindal blames Obama for not knowing what it takes to win this war. And that Obama has revealed to our enemy the limits of our commitment to this fight. Is Bobby right? Jindal said:

We demand a leader who is going to spend less time criticizing America and more time hunting terrorists down and killing them.

The president’s lack of action has only encouraged our enemy. Obama has spent more effort in assuring that Americans do not hate those who are not our enemy, than acting to defeat our enemy. So here we have to give Jindal a check for a correct answer. Has the president failed to identify the enemy?

If you cannot admit the problem, you cannot fix the problem. Our president cannot admit the problem of Radical Islamic terrorism, so he cannot possibly hope to fix it. Islam has a problem. There is an evil belief system that has taken root in radical Islam. It contends that many of us must be killed, women should be treated like property, some of us are eligible for slavery, and others need to be crucified.

Right again. What about identifying the enemy? Jindal wrote:

Perhaps the most incredible statement yet from this administration came from our State Department, which said, “we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war.” This is madness. Killing the enemy is exactly the way you win a war. More than any other statement, this one demonstrates in broad daylight that the president is not up to the job.

Once again, I believe that the governor is correct here. Lastly, what about Jindal’s claim that Obama has revealed to our enemy the limit of our commitment to this fight? He wrote:

The AUMF specifically prohibits the use of ground troops in defeating ISIS. There is simply no reason for us to provide comfort to our enemies by telling them what we will not do, ever.

Jindal at every point has shown that the president is either incapable or unwilling to lead our troops to victory. Though we all wish for peace, we live in a sinful world. And until the fear of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea (Is. 11:9); we must prepare to fight and kill our enemies.

Bobby defends his statements on the air.

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