Jeb Praises Trump – Trump Mocks Jeb

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump held dueling rallies in New Hampshire earlier this week and the justaposition of the two rallies was not good for Bush. Trump’s rally was packed with people and the energy was high… meanwhile the Bush rally was tiny in comparison and the mood was far more somber and low key.

When someone in the crowd asked Bush about competing with Trump for the nomination he was both gracious and straight to the point.

You talkin’ about Trump?

You can mention his name, he is the current frontrunner. He has done a pretty amazing job to get there.

But here’s the deal: we’re a conservative party, the Repubican Party, I think what people are going to eventually vote for is a proven conservative leader who has actually done it, not just talked about it.

I have a proven conservative record. Consistent, proven, when no one was watching. Long time proven conservative record.

He’s give more money to Democrats than Republicans.

Meanwhile at the other New Hampshire rally, Donald Trump wasn’t so nice in return, mocking Jeb for his tiny crowds.

Thank you, thank you. Wow. You know, and I say it, the silent majority is back. We really are in a position that we haven’t been in, in a long time. The people are speaking. It’s an amazing thing. It’s like a movement. And this is happening. So many other things on Friday, I’m going to be in Alabama, and there was going to be 500 people, and the room held about 1,000, and they heard that we were there. And within about two minutes, that room wasn’t big enough. So they went to a room that held 2,000 people, and they heard that wasn’t big enough. And now they went to the convention center, and they heard that wasn’t big enough. They’re going to end up being 30 to 40,000 people in Alabama.

And New Hampshire’s been so amazing. I mean, the relationship I’ve developed with so many people even in the room, has been — they’re incredibly people. Somebody said, I left New York, and they said what are they like in New Hampshire? I said you know what they’re like? They’re hard-working people that love the country. That’s what they’re like.

And you know, right down the road — thank you. Right down the road, we have Jeb. Very small crowd. We have 2,500. You have the best real estate, by the way. There are other rooms, the overflow rooms all over this building, they have closed circuit television. There are people outside with speakers. So I give you credit and to the other folks, I have to say, we love you equally as much, but the next time, you got to get here a little bit earlier, right.