Jeb Bush says “I’m the Guy to Beat”

Most of the Republican Presidential hopefuls are in Orlando this week to attend the Florida Economic Growth Summit. While there, Neil Cavuto of Fox News caught up with the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who explained that “if” he were to run for President (which he isn’t, yet), he wants to be the guy to beat.

The word “overconfident” comes to mind after hearing this spill from Jeb Bush’s mouth.


Well, if I’m a candidate, I want to be the guy to beat. I’m not a candidate yet. It will be a competitive field. There are a lot of really good people running. I think my record of accomplishment as governor of Florida is one that I can take to Republican voters and, if I’m successful there, to a larger audience…

I’ve a decision I’m going to make in relatively short order. If I go forward, I won’t be the last in. I certainly won’t be the first in, but I won’t be the last in. I will use my brother, my sister, every relative, every person I can. I think a campaign that’s winning is inclusive, for sure. And I love my brother. That’s a shock for people.