Jeb Bush Calls Obama Foreign Policy – “An Alice in Wonderland Foreign Policy”!

On Thursday former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, gave an interview to Fox Radio’s Brian Kilmeade (who also happens to be one of the hosts of Fox and Friends). During the interview Bush worked hard to appear strong on foreign policy while efforting to NOT remind voters of his older brother and former President, George W. Bush. (Surely a difficult tightrope to walk.) The best moment of the interview for Bush was his assault on President Obama’s work to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran while simultaneously destroying our alliance with our dear friends Israel.

The Israel/Iran comparison is probably the most telling. As we’ve disengaged over the first term of his office, now we are seeing the ramifications of this. The implications of instability now are becoming more and more apparent. Americans want their president to keep America secure and to keep American citizens secure and this policy of pulling back, of disengagement is not the right approach. If our friends don’t count on us and trust us, and there are many examples of that, and our enemies don’t fear us, it creates the challenges we are now seeing, particularly in the middle east, but across the board. When we disparage Netanyahu and talk about a reevaluation of perhaps the most important relationship in the Middle East, that of the United States and Israel, and at the same time we’re negotiating fervently with a country who has marches to attack the United States and ceremonies where they support the Holocaust and a supreme leader that calls for a five point plan to annihilate Israel all the while we’re negotiating with them while they are destabilizing the world, it’s an Alice in Wonderland foreign policy. It makes no sense.

Bush also discussed the upcoming 2016 Presidential campaign, Senator Ted Cruz and the Bowe Bergdahl fiasco.