Jeb Bush as President Wouldn’t Change Obama’s Illegal Immigration Actions

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told an Iowa crowd that he would not end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) if he became President in 2016. In fact, he supports DACA, though he does believe that it should be ratified by Congress rather than by Executive Orders.

Bush did compare President Obama to a “Latin American dictator” for using executive action to create DACA without Congress, but now that it exists… he doesn’t plan to mess with it. In fact, Bush would push Congress to pass a law to make the program permanent, because Obama’s way ends with Obama!

“[T]he program for the DREAMers,” he told an activist, per Bloomberg, who would have qualified for the DREAM Act benefits if the bill had passed into law. “No. Let’s give them priority to be citizens. But by the law, not by decree, because that’s like a Latin American dictator.” Bush said that he wants to “pass a law so there’s permanence. What DACA does is it’s only for two years, no more. The problem continues after that.”

Bush WalkerBush went even further to voice his support for comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty by saying, “Immigrants that are here need to have a path to legalized status. What we need to do is to make sure people pay fines, that they learn English, that they work, that they don’t receive government assistance, that they earn legalized status over the long haul, that they come out from the shadows so that they can be productive with a provisional work permit. This is the only serious, thoughtful way, I think, to deal with this.”

Thankfully, while Jeb Bush was busy preaching Democrat talking points in Iowa, Governor Walker was speaking clearly, logically and conservatively about the same issue.

“I’m not a supporter of amnesty — I know there’s some out there [who do], and I respect their views on that — but I’m not a supporter of amnesty. What I do believe going forward is that we’ve got to have a legal immigration system to this country that works.”

Is there anyone else out there who gets a little confused about Jeb Bush sometimes? I mean, is he running for President on the Democrat ticket or the Republican one? When he speaks on immigration, education, taxes, gay marriage and a few other important subjects… he gets everything ALL WRONG. Can we please just end the Jeb Bush experiment now?