Is the Media Attack on Scott Walker Backfiring?

Ah, the brilliant world of politics. Where the media can spend a week in overdrive wringing their collective hands about a few little comments from the former Mayor of New York City and liberals can try and use those Mayor’s words to bring down a different politician and potential Presidential candidate…

For some unseasoned politicians the attacks could hurt – they could even be debilitating for a Presidential contender but Scott Walker isn’t just “some” politician. He’s using the attacks and turning them into gold… literally. 


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is using the liberal media’s “gotcha” questions about Obama’s faith and love for America to fundraise for a potential 2016 run.

His reelection campaign sent an email Sunday night asking for donations, saying he “refuses to be distracted by the small, petty, and pale ideas that the ‘gotcha’ headline writers for the Liberal Media want to talk about,” reported The Hill.

The Washington Post and other liberal outlets pounced on Walker’s refusal to say whether he agrees with Rudy Giuliani’s statement last week that President Obama doesn’t love America, and again when Walker said he’s unsure whether Obama is a Christian. (RELATED: WaPo To Walker: Do You Think Obama Is A Christian?)

“Enough with the media’s ‘gotcha’ game,” Walker tweeted Saturday, after he explained to reporters he wouldn’t answer questions he considers a distraction.

“He refuses to be drawn into the sideshow of answering pointless questions about whether and how much President Obama loves our country,” the email added. “To Governor Walker, what matters are ideas, issues, his record, and results.”

“Now is the time to stand up against the publicity hounds and the journalistic pack, and help Governor Walker fight back. Your support will show the clueless and mindless journalistic herd that you know what matters most and that it is not the pointless minutiae that they are pushing.”