Is Obama “Intentionally” Ignoring the Problem of Islamic Radicalism?

The problems are piling up for President Obama. He’s already being lambasted for the continual train-wreck that is his administration’s foreign policy. He has people questioning his love for our country, and now there are even pundits who wonder if he is remaining ignorant on certain foreign policy issues ON PURPOSE!?!

The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson who also happens to host Fox and Friends on the weekends thinks that the President is “INTENTIONALLY” ignoring what is really going on in the Muslim world.

Their unwillingness to call it what it is is not only annoying on a semantic level, though it is, it suggests a deep unseriousness. They’re not willing to think through what the problem is and how to address it. His claim that what people really need is to feel heard suggests they haven’t thought about the lessons of the Arab Spring. I mean, the populations of all kinds of countries were heard during the Arab Spring and dictators were deposed and what happened? The area got more chaotic. So they’re not serious about this, A. B, He spent much time chastising Christians for their intolerance as he did Muslims. He named a couple of isolated incidents where mentally ill Christians shot individuals as if that’s the same as an Islamic cult taking over in effect an entire country in the Middle East. They just don’t understand what the problem is intentionally and I think it’s troubling.