Iran is “The New Auschwitz that Jews as a People are Looking at”

Tuesday was the 70th Anniversary of the liberation Auschwitz and against that backdrop Charles Krauthammer made one of the most insightful (and terrifying) points of the week…

Let’s understand, this resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe — eventually the Jews will leave. The pressure of the anti-Semitism will become very intolerable. It’ll be empty of Jews ultimately. But the threat to Jewish life, the threat to the endurance of Jews as a people is not from Europe. That deed is done. The Holocaust happened. European Jews were wiped out. The threat today, and it is a real threat, it’s a recurrence of a threat is from its enemies in the Middle East

Israel is now for the first time since Jesus is not just the only Jewish state on the planet, it’s the largest community of Jews on the planet anywhere. And it is now threatened by a regime in Iran that openly says it wants to eradicate it. What it took Hitler to do seven years can now be done in seven hours in one day with nuclear weapons and we are talking as if we’re ready to live with an Iranian state that has that, and that, I think, is the threat, the new Auschwitz that the Jews as a people are looking at.




I hadn’t really thought of the situation like this but it paints a stark portrait of the very real danger Israel faces today. We’ve struggled against many threats ourselves over the years, but we as a nation have never faced a problem of the magnitude that Israel has faced every day since they declared their nationhood back in 1948. Since the very beginning they have faced existential threats every second of every day – can you imagine how that has shaped their political culture?

Krauthammer is right; Israel has every right to demand a more aggressive world stance towards Iran. As Krauthammer points out – Iran could commit genocide upon the Jewish state in hours, all it would take is a few placed nuclear warheads.

Is it any wonder that Israel seems to be constantly be on their toes when it comes to what is happening in the nations around them? One mistake from their security forces could mean the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their citizens. While the same could be said here in the USA where our freedoms have been radically curbed over the last 20 years to fight terrorism… Israel is surrounded by their enemies – while we are half a world away.

It’s time our leaders (and the liberals who constantly berate Israel) realize the predicament that Israel lives in everyday and cut our allies in the Middle East more slack.