Inept Leadership Stoking the flames of Division

It is hard think of a time in America when things were moving so quickly in the wrong direction. We have government officials coming out against the law enforcement agencies under their authority. Citizens are marching in most major city against those same police officers. Many are reporting that there are cries for the killing of cops, and now there have been two cops murdered in NY City.
These things have been the outgrowth of people’s anger with law-enforcement. The anger is over the deaths of several black men in different cities over the last year. These incidents have been magnified by a media that seems more than happy to inflame any and every situation.
The situation, especially in NY, is made worse by the leadership. They refuse to come out and say what needs to be said. The officers acted within the bounds of their duty. We are saddened by the death of any person, but these men were breaking the law and resisting arrest.
Instead, we are told by the Mayor of NY that he tells his son not to trust the police. And we have a president who immediately assumes that the police are in the wrong and have acted criminally. It would seem as though these men have run to the fire to spread it rather than to help put it out.
It has long been said that the government covers up the truth. People say that our leaders lack a sense of transparency, when things go wrong. The actions of these leaders are not transparency, they are borderline criminal. They advance the division, hatred, and fear rather than abate those feelings.
The inept handling of these events by the men placed in the most important positions in our government would be laughable if they were not so dangerous. They are feeding a beast they will have no control over. The anger of the people will spill over to them as well as those under them.
The man who murdered the two NYC policemen was reported as yelling “It’s a revolution!” This is the same phrase used by demonstrators in the city. The same ones who refuse to stop demonstrating for the funerals. The demonstrators’ lack of cooperation with de Blasio reveals the Mayor’s lack of influence on these “revolutionaries.”
Many have asked what has caused such a riff between people and law-enforcement. It is caused by leaders who fail to strike fear in evil-doers. When a society and especially their governors do not enforce the law, they strike fear in the righteous. They cause strife when they do not promote justice.
We must hope that men with sense and justice will once again rule our land. The men now in power will only lead to more hatred and strife, because they are unjust. They need to hear Solomon, Prov. 18:5 reads “To show partiality to the wicked is not good, Nor to thrust aside the righteous in judgment.”