In Speech from the Senate Floor, Marco Rubio Destroys President Obama’s Disgraceful Approach to Dealing with Israel

Senator Marco Rubio gave a powerful speech on the Senate floor on Thursday morning. In his speech he defended Israel and attacked President Obama for his disgraceful attitude towards Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Senator Rubio reminded the Senate why we should stand with Israel before launching into a comparison of how President Obama has dealt other nations as opposed to how he’s treated Israel. Rubio, using years of evidence, presents a strong argument that President Obama has not acted fairly or morally in his dealings with Israel.

Almost to underscore Senator Rubio’s speech, later on Thursday news broke that president Obama had delivered a disgusting threat to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau. Telling the Prime Minister that the USA will have to “reassess” our options in dealing with Israel and her neighbors.



Senator Rubio was wise to make this speech on Thursday and doing so will make him all the stronger as a potential GOP candidate in the upcoming months. However, this is about more than just politics – it’s about the safety and security of our nation and our allies. Rubio’s speech was politically astute, but it was also morally necessary and very important. We need to stand for Israel because if they fall, then all hope in the Middle East and North Africa will be gone.

Take the time to listen to Senator Rubio’s entire speech – it should be a particularly proud moment for Marco Rubio and his supporters. We wholeheartedly agree with Senator Rubio and support his fight to defend Israel (and the USA) from Obama’s heinous attacks.