In Less than 24 Hours Donald Trump Flip-Flops on Accepting Refugees from Syria!

We’re growing used to seeing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump change his mind on certain issues over the course of days, weeks and years. We’ve even see him flip-flop on an issue (the Flat Tax) during the course of an interview! However, the latest example of Trump’s willingness to go in completely opposite ways on an issue may be the most stunning yet, because it has to do with what is currently a very hot topic.

On Tuesday, Trump told Bill O’Reilly that we HAD TO ACCEPT refugees fleeing the war torn Middle East (primarily Syria). It was our humanitarian duty to do so…

But on Wednesday, Trump sat down with Sean Hannity and said the exact opposite. He told Hannity that America has far too many problems of its own to be accepting refugees from anywhere right now.

Um, it can’t be good to switch your answer on a major issue 24 hours after you first announcing what you believe… can it?