Illegal Immigration Not Biblical and the Death of Our Wealth

So far we have looked at the question of immigration from two directions. We looked at the legal and Constitutional viability of Obama’s executive order. Determining that we came down on the side that it was neither legal nor Constitutional, we began looking at the issue of immigration restrictions from a biblical perspective. We saw that, at least in the verses dealing with immigrating, there was no evidence that there were any restrictions.

Now, we need to take a closer look at some of the verses we skimmed over yesterday. The main interest here is what the Bible says concerning aliens, and a point briefly touched on, that of the alien and the rest of the people. It is conspicuous that there is seen to be a difference.

So then from the very beginning, we must understand that these people here spoken of were not coming to be Israelites. They simply were living in the land. They were not the same and therefore we must not take everything said about them and seek to apply them to immigrants in the U.S.. There is also another aspect of these verses as well.
Deuteronomy 24:17 gives us a glimpse of this aspect, it is one concerning justice.

“You shall not pervert the justice due an alien or an orphan, nor take a widow’s garment in pledge.”

Now, do you think that the Israelite was to go to the alien and ask, “Hey, what do you think is just here?” No, he was to conform to the standard of justice that was in Israel. There would not have been this discussion about jurisprudence; the alien was to receive what was just.

This points to the problem that we face here in America. As if the migrating of some 3 Million illegals a year is not a big enough problem, there is the fact that these people have not the background to live in and promote the legal system. It is wrong to think that because they wish to live here that they understand what makes America so prosperous.

Some would argue that Americans are arrogant and aloof. They claim that we think that we are the greatest country and that our culture is better than any other. Your right, because it is, and we are! To say anything different would be like calling the sky at noonday red. You sound like you either have no clue of the exceptional nature of the American system or you are an idiot.

Many want to point to the expense and time that is involved with becoming an American in our current system, but there is a reason for that time and expense. In that time, the immigrant is given the history and philosophy behind America. Where we came from and why. They are introduced to our system of government and economy. It is a courtship. The Immigrant is taught to love America, as they read how she became what she had become.

It is like the passage we saw in Deuteronomy. The Immigrant comes and learns what it means to live in a just society. They are cleansed of wrong thinking and taught American law. He learns the language and he pays taxes.

A good example of how good this works is the Italian and Polish Immigrants of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These people came from some of the poorest areas in Europe. They came with just what they could carry. Most came not speaking English. They were doomed to some of the worst wages and working conditions in the country.

These people immigrated here and worked hard. They came legally. They obeyed the laws and learned the language. They loved their adopted home, and it has been their sons and daughters who have fought, bled, died, and worked to make this country great. Not because they came and brought in Italian or Polish ideas of government. No! They were not trying to mingle the two; American and Italian jurisprudence. No, they came and became American.

I have every reason to believe that every person who wishes to live free and work hard has a chance to live in America. But they have to do so as Americans. Hopefully, they will see the need for them to understand what it is that makes American so great. It is not our vast resources, but our system that makes us great.

If not, we will see that it is this great number of people, unassimilated, which will eventually be the drain that destroyers our wealth and our system.