Huckabee 2016?

With former Governor Mike Huckabee stepping away from his successful Fox TV show, the mainstream media is now finally catching onto what I’ve been saying since last February.

Mike Huckabee is running for president in 2016.

Here are my initial thoughts on his candidacy:

Based on what I’ve heard, I believe you’ll see a better funded, organized, and informed Huckabee than 2008. I saw him hold court with the Washington press corps at CPAC last year, and he was masterful; better than he ever was in 2008.

He is much more prepared to be president now, but he needs to prepare for a much tougher primary field this go around. There was no Tea party in 2008, so he will need to answer fresh skepticism that he’s truly a champion of limited government. Issues like his past support for the unpopular Common Core will continue to hound him during the vetting process as well.

However, there is no doubt he excites a healthy portion of the still-substantial social conservative base and he also appeals to middle class voters, which have deserted Republicans in the past two presidential elections.