How to be Safe and Secure in Modern America: A Short Story

A very interesting and funny little story is making the rounds on the Internet today. A Facebook Friend posted it, but the post did not originate with him, and we just knew that you’d love to read it for yourself. Why? Because it such a perfect and succinct piece of satire that relates a bit of humor for your Monday, while simultaneously sounding all too realistic.

It’s quite sad that this really is where America is today…


Safe and Secure

I took down my Rebel flag (which you can’t buy on ebay any more) and peeled the NRA sticker off the front door.

I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass Neighborhood Watch.

I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you can buy on ebay) and put it in the center of the yard.

Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching the house 24/7.

I’ve never felt safer and I’m saving $69.95 a month.



ISIS House