Hillary Clinton Ally Does the Ridiculous when Questioned about Hillary’s Lies!

Longtime Clinton family advisor, friend and mouthpiece Lanny Davis surprised everyone this past Friday when asked about Hillary Clinton’s latest lie concerning not being subpoenaed by Congress.

This past Friday Davis was a guest on Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg Show when Malzberg asked him about Hillary’s recent lie that she was never subpoenaed about her emails by the Benghazi House Select Committee on Benghazi. Davis first tried to say that Clinton was confused about the time-frame, adding that she likely “misunderstood” the question that was being asked. However, when Malzberg proved that assertion to be patently false by playing a clip of the CNN interview, Davis took the easy way out and hung up the phone.

Malzberg was obviously stunned by Davis’ lack of decorum, respect and couth, but he recovered to excoriate Davis for his behavior.

“This is pathetic, really pathetic.”

 Malzber continued, “You see, that’s the Clinton way. Trash the messenger…

That’s the Clinton M.O. You know what, America, you just saw it, you just heard it. And I’m sure you’re sick of it. ‘Cause I’m sick of it, and you know what, Lanny? You chose to hang up. You want to come back and apologize? You’re free to do that, until then, take the Clinton-speak somewhere else, not here with me.”



I think Malzberg’s description of Davis’ behavior as “really pathetic” was exactly right. This is what liberals do – the obfuscate, confuse and deny, and if that doesn’t work, they just hang up the proverbial phone. Democrats can’t win debates on public policy or on political philosophy because, when it comes to the issues, conservatives have facts on our side. If the liberals can’t win with emotion… they simply call us names and start chanting silly slogans until the media agrees with them! So when faced with facts, liberals like Lanny Davis just give up.