Are You High?

There are those in Colorado who wish to change the law concerning firearms. Especially when it comes to the topic of concealed carry permit laws. Once again, advocates wish to have Colorado ignore federal guidelines. The group is called the “Colorado Campaign for Equal Gun Rights.”
They are working to get a question add to the November 2016 ballot. The question pertains to gun rights for marijuana users. They wish to have a referendum to have state law enforcement ignore the guidelines given by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives concerning Marijuana use and guns.
This on the surface sounds like a good place for this government agency to step in and make some kind of restrictions. I mean, no one wants a pot head to carry a gun. Right? Surely we do not mean these guys and gals when we say everybody should have the right to bare arms. Do we?
Well, in fact, we might.
There is a few things that we should consider before we go crazy with our answer. Once we are emotionally invested in a position it is hard to switch sides. So lets look at a few things.
First, we must remember that most of the founding fathers were in some way connected to the himp trade. That is not to say that they partook, but I just want to point out the fact that there was once almost no stigma on the plant.
Second, one of the main reasons that there is currently such a stigma on marijuana is because we made it illegal about one hundred years ago. It was banned because many south-western states wished to stem the tide of Mexican immigrants. Hows that going?
Third, we should remember that we do not have such bans on people who drink. It would actually be a wiser prohibition than the one on pot smokers. It is never the pot head causing the fight at the party but the drunk.
I am not a big supporter of marijuana use, especially considering that they are reportedly growing it much stronger than in previous years. But, if Colorado can get away with ignoring one federal law, why not guidelines?
Besides that, we are not speaking of gun rights for people who are high all the time, but people who are legally smoking marijuana. At least legally in Colorado. I do not want to fight over the issue. But it only seems logical to move in this direction, if we advocate states rights. If we want the federal government to get its nose out of our business, then this is as good a place as any to start.